Andrea Stevenson, Owner of Wide Mouth Media:

"I know Denis to be both personally and professionally a person of integrity, energy and sound character. His personal qualities are exceptional. Denis is confident, flexible, personable, and possesses a strong motivation for excellence. He has the ability to listen and develop creative solutions in an effort to move forward. He is a leader by example and approaches all aspects of his work life with intensity.

I would highly recommend Paradise Business Consulting as a good investment for businesses that want to grow and expand. Denis’s knowledge, experience and principled decision making has enabled my business to embrace change and move in a solid new direction. Thank you Denis!"

From a course provided to Innovation Credit Union:
  • "He is very knowledgeable"
  • "Enjoyed his honesty"
  • "His humour made the presentation"
  • "Wish we had more time with him"

Rubicon Pharmacies - in regards to the in house courses Paradise created and delivered throughout the company’s stores from 2009 to 2012:
Drug Store Article
  • "All of the feedback in the first group of sessions stated one thing clearly: Denis presented a very carefully thought out, and informative presentation. Attendees noted that they really enjoyed the ‘human touch’ to the presentation, and Denis’ excellent facilitation made the course more interesting. Every attendee agreed that the course was not only informative, but they would also recommend their colleagues attend future sessions."
  • "Overall - Excellent."
  • "Denis Perrault is very knowledgeable and informative."
  • "It was like a really good Manager’s Meeting with a Consultant, just talking about our issues."
What we do
- Business improvement courses
- Part-time CFO opportunities
- Small accounting projects
- Business advisory services
- Human resource services
What people are saying
"Attendees noted that they really enjoyed the 'human touch' to the presentation and Denis's excellent facilitation made the course more interesting."     more...

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